4 common jewelry mistakes to avoid

4 common jewelry mistakes to avoid

Jewelry is an important part of every outfit that can make or break the entire look. However, despite wearing jewelry being a widespread practice, people often make several mistakes regarding wearing or storing the pieces, be it fashion or fine jewelry. From wearing an earring that doesn’t compliment one’s attire to not maintaining the jewelry properly, there are a few common mistakes that can be easily avoided. Here are four such mistakes to note:

Not cleaning the jewelry
Jewelry, like any other accessory, needs regular care and maintenance. Over time, dirt and grime may accumulate on the jewelry, causing it to lose color and look damaged. Depending on the type of jewelry and the materials they are made of, one can use either a gentle soap to clean it or go for a dirt and grime removal. However, it is important to know which product to use to clean the jewelry. Home remedies like toothpaste and baking soda should be avoided as both these ingredients are abrasive and may ruin the jewelry.

More is not ‘better’
Wearing too much jewelry may not always be the best idea. When picking out jewelry, consider the occasion and place. For instance, a statement necklace is great for a cocktail party but not an ideal accessory for the office. It is advisable to decide on the jewelry after one has selected the attire to ensure the whole outfit doesn’t look mismatched. A lot can be done with little jewelry too!

Not storing the jewelry properly
Storing the jewelry carefully is integral to maintaining it, as this helps in keeping the condition and appearance of the piece intact. Humidity, or even free-flowing air, can tarnish the jewelry. It is best to store jewelry pieces in a jewelry box to protect them from any damage. One can also find jewelry boxes with separate compartments to store multiple pieces in one place.

Not being creative
It’s great to experiment with different jewelry pieces. From mixing and matching different necklaces to experimenting with gold and silver jewelry, there are many ways to style one outfit. If any new jewelry pieces are trending, one can consider if they work for them and add them to one’s collection.