3 tips to choose the right water bottle

3 tips to choose the right water bottle

Adequate water consumption is a necessity for humans, but working odd hours or traveling from point to point can make it difficult to access safe drinking water. So, it becomes essential to carry a water bottle to meet the daily hydration requirements. Water bottles come in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials that can serve as a reminder to drink water. Here are some considerations and tips to choose the right water bottle.

Choose a moderate-sized bottle
Portability is among the greatest assets of water bottles. Therefore, bottles need to be of sizes that can be easily carried in bags or pockets. Bottles that are too large and heavy become cumbersome to carry anywhere. People carrying such bottles might opt to leave it home more often than not because of the fear that the water may spill or they may disturb people around them if they drop the bottle. On the other hand, if a bottle is too small, it cannot contain enough water. If a person using such a bottle takes it with them to a place with no facility to access drinking water, then they may have to go without it. For these reasons, choosing a moderate-sized bottle is the perfect solution.

Consider the bottle’s material before buying one
Certain materials and plastics, such as BPA (bisphenol A), used to make bottles, are harmful for the brain and prostate gland of infants, fetuses, and children. Therefore, people need to purchase bottles made out of materials that safeguard the health and well-being of their families.

One could consider the purchase of BPA-free bottles that come with a filter. Not only do these bottles carry water without contaminating it, but the filter ensures that no accumulated bacteria or dust particles can fester in the water.

Ensure that the bottle is spill proof
Bottles with spill-proof caps can ease peoples’ worries about accidentally spilling water on the floor or the other belongings packed into their bags. One must look for such bottles and purchase them to make it convenient to use a water bottle.